Understanding how much compensation your injury is likely to receive is an important part of all personal injury claims and often one of the most awkward to guess. The amount you receive varies depending on your circumstances and there are many things to consider.

To determine the amount your claim may be worth you must understand the types of damages you may be eligible to receive compensation from. Generally you will be eligible to receive compensation for the following; Medical care and any related expenses that may exist, loss of income due to the accident because you have been unable to work or receiving treatment for your injuries. Any permanent physical disability or disfigurement caused loss of ability to participate in social, family or educational purposes. You can also claim for emotional upset such as stress, embarrassment, depression or any psychological impact the accident may have had on your well being.

When attempting to calculate your compensation amount it is fairly easy to work out the amount of medical expenses and loss of earnings you have suffered. It may be much harder to work out the amount owed to you through psychological issues and missed experiences due to the accident. At the beginning of negotiations your solicitor will add up the amount of medical expenses and the loss of earnings, these are commonly referred to as, ‘general damages.’

If the injuries sustained are relatively small then the solicitor will decide how to add them into the total amount of damages rewarded. When the injuries are particularly serious or cause the person severe pain or are long lasting the solicitor will multiply the amount by considerably more, any income lost as a result of the injuries is then added on.

Another factor that will be considered in a personal injury claim is the amount of fault of the other party. The degree of fault by the other person is also considered when adding up the total claim amount.

If you have a factory accident claim it is important to visit an experienced firm of solicitors. no win no fee compensation claims can be managed by a trained personal injury lawyer.

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